Marian Bulletin


Mother Claire celebrates Jubilee

By: Rheena M. Soquila

               Mo. Ma. Clarita R. Balleque, RVM was joined by the entire SMCM family in her 50th year as RVM sister last February 2 at the Mother House in N. Domingo, Quezon City.

                Mother Claire who was formerly the Mother General of the RVM congregation before being assigned as the first president of St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan celebrated with her other co-Jubilarians.

                Archbishop Socrates Villegas who was the main celebrant shared, “if there is one thing that made me young and feel young until today is not by eating fish and vegetables but by being humble”.

                He also said that Mother Claire despite his bulk of responsibilities proved that with her kindness and humility she was able to prove the importance of a jubilee.

                Aside from her SMCM family, her relatives and friends especially her siblings and mother who flew in from Cotabato made her day more special with their presence.

                Mother Claire spent her 50 years with the RVM sisters and we are proud that her 7 years of service to the congregation were shared with us in Meycauayan.

              Congratulations Mother Claire!

3 Vices’ visit their Alma Mater at 99th

By: Rheena M. Soquila


Three Vice Mayors visited St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan to celebrate the 99th Founding Anniversary of St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan last February 9-13 not only as special guests but as alumni of their beloved school.


                Former Vice Mayor Antonio Espiritu of Valenzuela who is currently serving the city as its 1st Councilor joined his friend incumbent Meycauayan Vice Mayor Rafael Manzano who both graced the event especially the launching of the book SANSIGLO who they were both featured.


                The two, together with 35 more fellow alumni were highlighted in the first volume of the book looking back to their journey from being a simple student of SMCM and to their present achievement as leaders in their respective cities.


                “Balang araw, kayo naman ang tatayo dito sa harapan”, said Espiritu as he challenged his co-Marians to be the best they can be in the years to come.


                Meanwhile, Marilao Vice Mayor Andre Santos visited his former home and graced his presence at the Museum and Archives where his photo was also highlighted as one of SMCM accomplished students.


                Santos also made an effort to look for his former teachers and professors as he was not only a former student in high school but also in some of his years in college.


                It was indeed a proud moment for St. Mary’s that her former children became the people who until today can have the chance to serve others especially their constituents.

Thai students visit SMCM

By: Myka Colomer


                A group of selected students from Samroiyod Wittayakhom School in Thailand visited our dear institution, SMCM, last March 2, 2015.

                The 2-day school tour was a part of their exchange culture program and to observe classes through a glimpse on how SMCM provides quality way of learning, living and loving. Their brief visit formally started by the welcome gestures of Mother Clarita R. Balleque, the school’s president, RVM sisters and Middle Administrators.

                The two, together with 35 more fellow alumni were highlighted in the first volume of the book looking back to their journey from being a simple student of SMCM and to their present achievement as leaders in their respective cities.

                After the flag ceremony, a short briefing for the flow of their entire visit and classroom observation was done.

                Observation of classes started at 8:20 am in the MAPEH class of Mr. Jacob, followed by the English class of Ma’am Singcol in the same section, Grade9 – Prudence, and in the Math class of Ms. Jimenez at Grade 9 – Service.

                  At lunch, Marinel Peroy (MB News Editor) and Maxinne Mangoba (English Achiever) interviewed one Thai named Artitiya Niniabun or Ja, a 14-year-old Grade 8 student & a representative of their group.

                   When asked about her impression about the Marians, she said, “Funny… because they are friendly.” Marinel and Max also queried a message to the school then she responded, “Pretty.”

                     In the afternoon, the Thai students had a great time with the English achievers and selected students in the library for their immersion.

                     Short program was done at 4:00 where cultural presentations and serenade by the Marians truly inspired the Thai students.

                     An exchange of memorabilia and the awarding of certificates concluded the memorable visit of the Thais in our school.

                     Indeed, their visit is one activity that they will never forget, especially the hospitality that Marians have shown which is natural to Filipinos.

Marians join fun run and Zumba

by: Melissa Romero

In line with the celebration of the 99th foundation anniversary
of St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan,
the school conducted an activity wherein the students competed in
a fun run last February 11, 2015. The route of the fun run was from the front of the
highway gate and passed around the McArthur Highway to Mcdonalds in Banga
until the endpoint at Saluysoy.
The winners of the fun run were alsoannounced  the same day. 
From the Grade School Department the winners who ranked first 
were Maris Decena and Kristen Caryl Bongcales while from the High School
Department were Carmela Lacar, Miguel Belleza, Chinette Yu
 and Giann Victorio Viray. Grace Capanzana ranked first in the College
 Department.The said winners have surely a great potential in joining
a bigger competition in the future. After that tiring friendly race,
an instructor came to lead the morning exercise with the ZUMBA participatedby teachers and students. 

English Area revives Human Exhibit

By: Eduard Andrei Borrega

Last February 10, 2015, on the second day of the prospered 99th
Foundation Celebration, the English Area headed by Mrs. Imelda Dela Cena
along with the English teachers launched the Silhouette: A Human Exhibit.                
“No one can live without books,” is the key component which our English Area wants to
thrive in all Mariansfor everyone to appreciate the world of literary works.
               The 3 - day event became one of the prime jewel of the Foundation Week
for it did not only made long lines of people enthusiastically waiting outside the library,
the venue of the exhibit, but also left a legacy that made every Marian, whether students,
teachers or alumni, remember the great works of the past and the continuous eminence
of the world of literature.
               The Human Exhibit has been made possible through the efforts of the
English Area, the English Achievers and some students from Grade 1 to 4th Year
who became the actors and actresses portraying the different characters from
famous literary works and famous people who made great impacts to the world.
                The actors and actresses featured the characters from Frozen, Peter Pan,
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, 
Alice in Wonderland, Pocahontas, Despicable Me, Popeye the Sailorman, Wizard of Oz,
Star Wars, Ibong Adarna, Confucius, King Mongkut, Prince Chulalongkorn,
the famous writer William Shakespeare and one of his greatest works Romeo and
Juliet, Shylock, Lady Macbeth, Evita Peron, Joan of Arc, Edgar Allan Poe,
Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter, Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, the Little Prince,
Don Quixote, Zeus, Aphrodite, Helen of Troy and Paris, Achilles, Cupid and Psyche, Edward
Cullen and Bella Swan,
and of course, let us not forget, our dear SMCM President, Mother Claire.
                The Silhouette 2015 is a revival of the human exhibit which was opened years or maybe 
decades ago when Mrs. Cristina Singcol was still the Coordinator of the English Area.