Computer and Internet Laboratory

Computer and Internet Laboratory are equipped with one is to one computer unit, a printer and LCD. The rooms are fully air-con­ditioned and provided with appropriate chairs and tables.


Speech Laboratory

The fully air-conditioned Speech Laboratory is designed to im­prove the students’ communications skills.

It is also furnished with suf­ficient equipment to facilitate learning such as Control Panel Board with

 monitor buttons, cassette recorder and radio and 53 Student Panels with a headset in each booth.​

 Science Laboratory

The Science Laboratory is equipped with sufficient apparatus­es, equipment, chemicals and fixtures with innovative design and world class quality products. The newly reconstructed laboratories for Science, Chemistry, Physics and General Science will encourage students to venture into the higher level of knowledge exploration, research and experiments.  

The new Science Laboratories will allow the students from Grade 7 to 12 to acquire the skills in its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ventures namely: Robotics, Laser Technology, Al­ternative Energy, Digital Manufacturing, Environment and Ecology, Pneumatics, and Forensic Science.

Guidelines for Safety and Precautions

1. Eating is strictly prohibited inside the laboratory.

2. Cleanliness should be observed before, during and after each

laboratory period.

3. Proper technique should be done in handling specimen, manip­ulating apparatus and dispensing chemicals and other related materials.

4. Procedure should be read and understood well by the students before performing any experiments.

5. Report immediately to the laboratory in-charge any untoward incident, water leakage, faulty wiring and other hazard.

6. Wear your laboratory goggle and laboratory gown when work­ing with chemicals, open flame, or any substances that may be harmful to your eyes.

7. Turn off heat when they are not in use.

8. Point test tube away from yourself and others when heating sub­stances.

9. Use the proper procedures when lighting a Bunsen burner.

10. To avoid burns, do not handle heated glassware or materials directly. Use tongs, test tube holders or heat resistant gloves or mitts.

11.Do not mix any chemicals unless directed to do so in a proce­dure or by your teacher.

12. Never taste any chemicals or substances unless directed to do so by your teacher.

13. Keep your hands away from your face when working with chemicals.

14. Tie back long hair when working near an open flame. Confine loose clothing.

15. Do not reach across an open flame.

16. Know the location and proper use of fire blankets and fire extin­guishers.

17. Check glassware chips or cracks. Broken, cracked, or chipped glassware should be disposed properly.

18. Use care when using electrical equipment.

19. Check all electrical equipment for worn cords or loose plugs be­fore use.

20. Keep working areas dry.

21. Do not overload electric circuits.

22. Be careful when using knives, scalpel or scissors, if wounded in­form your teacher immediately.

HE Laboratory, TLE Workshop, Sewing Room and Cooking Laboratory

TLE Workshop and Cooking Laboratory are equipped with suffi­cient and quality tools, appliances and kitchen equipment for the different exploratory and specialized subjects namely: Beauty Care, Dressmaking, Handicraft, Food and Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry, Cookery, Commercial Cooking and Computer Systems Ser­vicing.

The rooms are furnished with fixtures, working tables, chairs and demonstration tables. The cooking laboratory is provided with a small first-aid cabinet and comfort room for emergency purposes.

The sewing room is furnished with sewing machines, long tables and other equipment/materials that will keep the students work comfortably.

Mini Hotel (HRM Laboratory)

The Mini Hotel provides services to HRM/TM students as a laboratory practicum. It accommodates student events and other related functions.