Grade School and Junior High School Level



Computer System Servicing. Develop the knowledge, skills and attitude in accordance with industry standards and covers basic and common competencies such as installing, maintaining, configuring and diagnosing computer systems and networks.

Cookery. Acquires the knowledge and skills in cooking, handling and processing of food with accordance to its chemical and physical changes.                                                                                                   

Food and Beverages Services. Acquire the necessary skills in the process of preparing, presenting and serving of food and beverages.

Commercial Cooking. Acquires the skills and knowledge in the use and maintenance of tools, performing mensuration and calculation and interpretation of technical drawings and plans.

Bread and Pastry Production. Develop knowledge and skills in using tools, equipment and paraphernalia, performing mensuration and calculation and practicing Occupational Health and Safety, procedures and maintain tools.

The Senior High School Curriculum as part of the K12 program aims to produce graduates who exemplify the following characteristics:

a.      Holistically developed;

b.      Equipped with 21st century skills (learning and innovation skills, life and career skills, communication skills and information media and technology skills); and

c.       Prepared for the future, be it in pursuit of higher education or acquisition of middle level skills or geared towards employment or entrepreneurship.