• HIP HOP Contest - 2nd Place BSA PROGRAM & Grade 12 ABM Strand

    HIP HOP Contest - 2nd Place
    BSA PROGRAM & Grade 12 ABM Strand

    Evolution and Legacy. [????]
    These are the very thing we wanted to impart on this important and glorious day. An evolving matter takes different and better forms constantly, it stands for season and time, and this kind evolution becomes a legacy. How Hip-Hop dance keeps on progressing, adapting, and evolving for the last 52 years since it existed. Hip-Hop gives way for people of all races and places to express themselves and their passion in life. Just like how St. Mary's College of Meycauayan stood still and still standing since 1916, it has been a hundred and sixth fruitful and purposeful life. It opens doors of opportunities. It builds bridges despite the barriers of today's society living in a pandemic. It creates platforms for us to be included and be part of society, be professionals, and become leaders who aim to serve and excel.
    Featuring the hit songs of 2010 to 2021, the Society of Accountancy Students and Grade 12 ABM showed how Hip-Hop dance evolution symbolizes the legacy of SMCM. Once again, Our beloved institution, St. Mary's College of Meycauayan proves that the legacy continues at our 106th founding anniversary.
    Let her blue and white banner fly, because Marians are here, molded and taught to leave a mark and make a legacy!