• Taking A Break, The Marian Way

    Victor M. Aboy BSA-5


    Last October 20-22, 2017, the graduating students from the programs: BSA, BSBA, BSIT/CS, BSHRM/TOURISM, and BEED had their retreat in Betania Retreat House, Baguio City with the guidance of Mrs. Adelaida Tabuyan and S.Ma.Jane Alindajao, RVM.

    Everyone was so excited and ecstatic because finally after a long and stressful examination week we're on for some relaxation. Still, we're mindful that our priority was not just to relax but also to reconnect and spend more time to our Almighty God. We were given a chance to make a difference, to cleanse our souls and be a better version of ourselves. It is a once in a lifetime experience so we should make the most out of it.

    The travel to Baguio City was a long and daring one. Because of a lot of nerve - cracking curves, S.Jane encouraged us to always pray when leaving a certain place. Prayer is the most important tool that we should carry along our trip. I realized that seeking God is not as easy I thought it would be. We will experience challenges, uncertainties, and bumps and traverse rocky road towards Him.

    Nowadays, we often forget that we have God especially in our joyful days and busy hours. It's a sad reality that we only remember Him when we need something, when we're going to ask for the things we need in life. We arrived early in Betania Retreat House, so that after the orientation, we had time for leisure. The place is so captivating, peaceful and comfortable. It is a place where we can surely find peace within ourselves and spend the opportunity to talk to God without any distraction and temptation.

    Yet, our faith has been challenged. As what Mrs.Tabuyan said, "The more that we focus on God, devils work a hundred times more." It was a very difficult situation, a battle where your faith is tested in a manner of choosing between allowing temptations to dominate you and standing strong to what you believe in. Fr. Macwayne Maniwang, the retreat speaker and lecturer, made us realize that he is also a human being aside from being a priest. That he is not perfect, he commits mistakes and he is weak when it comes to temptations. We didn't feel bored all throughout his talk; also, he inspired us in so many ways. The greatest lesson that we have learned from him was "We can never go wrong with God." He also said that we should always put God first, we should not forget how to be humble, we should use our strengths for goodness and we should learn how to deal with our weaknesses.

    During our stay in Betania, we did our confession, we attended masses, and we had our time for personal reflection. These were life changing activities. We became aware of everything. Firstly, it is very important to respect and love each other. Secondly, we should not blame others with the mistakes that we have done. And lastly, we should not be so judgmental for we should always know each side of a story. We should learn to accept our mistakes and rise from them. I am hopeful that this retreat has answered so many questions in our hearts. We will surely use these learnings in our journey towards being professionals and that we'll embody these principles in our daily lives.