• Sharing Seeds of Knowledge for A Better Future

    Lovely Tumbaga

    For a Marian student, helping others is not just a duty but a passion. Recently the MAFEX/JPIA Club composed of BS Accountancy and BS Business Administration students  conducted an out-reach program for the mothers of SMCM’s Munting Paaralan ni Madre Ignacia pupils. The program which was a short seminar on “How to Save and Start a Small Business” aimed at giving the audience an idea on how to save money and later invest their savings in small businesses. In this way, they could have additional income to support their family.  The participants were given small notebooks and pens to help them take down notes. Their cooperation was very evident throughout the seminar signifying how interested and excited they are. Simple snacks were given after the program. All in all, the positive feedback and the participants’ comments that they were inspired by the seminar even made the activity more successful.

    It always feels good to share despite our limited resources for sharing does not merely pertain to giving out material things but more of ourselves and willingness to help those in need. SMCM continues to raise the bar by inspiring the community to work hand in hand for a better future.