• Enticing Your Sweet Tooth!

    Cristina A. Herrera

    Out of the culminating activity of the FD 106 -  Bread and Pastry production, here came the parade of sweet treats from the college students.

    The students showcase intelligent skills in their theme inspired baking and buffet setting which includes five categories: bread, cake, cupcakes, pie and pastry.

    The students’ presentation includes Bridal Shower theme in royal blue and gold motif that includes cakes and cupcakes with blue icing and a bottle of wine that best complements the buffet.

    The other set-up is Princess Theme inspired buffet with its pink motif comprising of cakes and cupcakes with pink icing plated with a jar of pink marshmallow. Side by side with the plating is a small doll suggestive of a children’s birthday party package.

    The last buffet is a Hawaiian Tiki with a fruity punch of three different seasons – lemon and strawberry with the aromatic vanilla scent. The feast suggests of an island celebration for huge relaxation over the shore.

    Miss Cherrly Clausen, the course professor, was successful in her intention of bringing out the best in her students and extracting their skills in baking bread and pastry production as well as presenting an actual demonstration of learned skills acquire

    Moreover, the evaluation contains a three-part rubric that includes: a. Performance, which includes laboratory exploration and preparation; b. Individual Preparation of the Bread and Pastry; and c. Buffet table set-up.

    At the latter part of the presentation, S. Ma. Yolanda C. Reyes, RVM, so much fascinated with the students’ output, challenged the students to come up with a budget plan, which includes costing and pricing for setting the prices of their goods. They are even challenged to give proposal markup percentages to the given situation, “a client came in with a fixed amount for a themed bridal shower for 40 persons”. She then required them to find out how much they would earn or lose in case.

    In this sense, the school is true to its commitment to deliver quality education and developing their students to be competent in their chosen careers. Indeed, SMCM becomes an institution where future Filipino entrepreneurs arise.