On December 3, 2014 the HRM and Tourism students the HARTS week.  The baking class under Mrs. Cheryl Clausen launched an event entitled "Cupcake Wars". The so-called “Cupcake Wars” is a reality cooking competition in the USA where the competitors create a unique theme for their cupcakes & cupcake vessels.

               For the December  competition, the following requirements were drawn up.  the flavor, appearance and the design of the vessel should play a huge part in the determination of who would be the winners in the competition.

               The students had been divided into four groups who would execute the following themes:  Minion Themed Cupcakes, Frozen Themed Cupcakes, Carnival Themed Cupcakes, and Christmas Themed Cupcakes.  At the end of the event, the Christmas Themed Cupcakes was announced as the winner.  The group was composed of Simon Peter Cruz, Roxanne Zulueta, Carlo Mendoza and Lance Sta. Rosa.

               The HARTS contest was also a fund raising activity of the club; the funds raised were generated from the cake sales.  The cupcakes were sold for PhP 30.00 each.

                Congratulations to the HARTS members and Moderator, Ma’am Clausen and to the winners!  KUDOS!



BULPRISA 2014:  College Marians Never Say: Stop!

By: Justin Louie V. Alba


                  It was the time of the year when  Marians harness their skills in various fields of competition.  They showed off their perseverance, determination and the true Marian spirit in events participated in by different private schools in Bulacan.

                   As a former varsity player, I can say that it’s not really easy to represent a school.  Too much pressure is being put on your shoulders.  Aside from the desire to win, not everybody will understand what you do for the school and why you do it.  It is also not easy being a student and an athlete at the same time. The absences from class, missed lessons, make-up classes a player has to do, the grades that you have to maintain, and the training that you have to endure are what comprise the life of a student who represents the school.

                   Nevertheless it is really quite an honor for someone to represent the school, whether they win or they lose, pride and recognition is always given to the participants who always give their best, time and effort.

Marians who have joined the BULPRISA 2014 performed remarkably in the cultural and the athletic field.  We may not always bring home the highest of awards but no one can underestimate the desire of a Marian to improve and do better for the next competition.

            Among the participants who joined the cultural events were the following:


Jeremy Gamboa – Sanaysay

James Mendoza – Poster making

Eloisa De Guzman – Talumpating handa

Mikkee Legaspi – Declamation

Mellisa Cabael – Vocal Solo

Lorieann Mariano & Warren Cabuhat – Vocal Duet


And the Sports participants were:


                        Christian Rodillo

Mark Luther Pasco

Jerogen Villarva

Yves Pablo

Kenneth Balajadja

Jomar Abejar

Jomar Francisco

Brian Pascual

James Lopez

Emman Sularte



Hadji Lumabas


Chess:  Nikko Manalo

  Marc Anthony Co

  Greg Lugod


Congratulations to all the participants!  Let us continue the Marian Spirit!

“SMCM waving the banner of excellence Towards the Centennial Anniversary”

By: Joshua J. Basquinas



                               Throughout 2015, marks the preparation for the much awaited celebration of St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan’s Centennial Anniversary. This is the start of different activities and programs that will be held inside and outside of the school in the future. In line with this 100th anniversary of the school, the Religious of the Virgin Mary (first Filipino Congregation founded in 1684 by a Filipina, Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo) will initiate the anticipated jubilee of the institution spearheaded by the very dynamic President of this school, Mo. Maria Clarita R. Balleque, RVM. This will be the start of a new and big changes in St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan especially in the field of education.


                                This institution humbly started and was founded in 1916 formerly called as Escuela Catolica de Meycauayan and St. Mary's Academy of Meycauayan. Until now this institution is known for their high standard education and inculcating values through Marian Pedagogy. Not to mention their recognition they’ve got from TUV and as a certified ISO. SMCM is bankable for its own standards specific goals which are the faith, service, and excellence that can be seen in our Mission and Vision. This can be also seen not just in its own curriculum but reflects also within the dedicated Teaching staff and hardworking NTP from both IBEd and College Department.


                                Now that there is abrupt change in Philippine education system. SMCM is ready and adequately equipped to keep pace in K-12 education system. Students will have a vast choice of their future career since SMCM opens a large window for opportunities this year. By this, it is assumed that SMCM will produce another batch of students who are more globally competent graduates of this school and ready to take a big step in different fields in industry. Attached to this students sake or safety, to fully achieve the excellence inside and outside of the school. The administration strengthens the implementation of “Anti-Bullying” awareness among the students to prevent harmful events to their students.


                                Pertaining to the upcoming activities affiliated with this celebration everyone is expecting for more surprises and grandiloquent programs especially in the month of February wherein we celebrates the foundation of the school. This 100th anniversary is anticipated to be a week-long celebration wherein the main goal is to give thanks and give back the blessings that they’ve received from the past glorious years of St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan.




                                Also together with this celebration, Field Demonstration is the much awaited part of the week-long Foundation day wherein both IBEd and College Department will participate in this majestic event by means of dancing with the specific theme for every year. This year’s theme is not yet revealed but as soon they divulge the team you are expected to be amazed by different colourful and splendid costumes together with their monstrous props. You can see that everyone in this institution really prepares for this annual event hence this is the 100th year celebration of the institution.


                               SMCM is also known for being active inside and outside of the school especially when Pope Francis visited the Philippines last January 2015. In alignment with this activity SMCM has established its name for instilling values and profound the word of God among the students of this institution. Plus letting the students of SMCM to participate in different kinds of religious activities like BEC and IFP and participating other advocacies outside of the school.


                               Without a doubt, there is no question why St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan will reach their 100th anniversary this 2016. Greatness really comes from the veins of a true and pure blooded Marians of this institution. Proudly representing and waving the banner of excellence towards the Centennial Anniversary with their inviolable manners and unchanging values through time to time. Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of this institution shaping the minds, bodies and spirits of their students. Promulgates the camaraderie among the individuals among the Marian society,


                              We are all of us are part of this huge success. Congratulations! This is it Marians! Be proud! I’m proud to be a Marian!.